20. – 29.01.2023

Moritzplatz | a meeting place for sounds

Friday, 20.01.2023, at 7.00 pm, with presentations by the artists.

Exhibition opening hours:
21.-22.01.2023, 1pm-7pm.
26.-29.01.2023, 1pm-7pm.

A group of international artists come together to conduct sonic research at the CLB, Moritzplatz. For four days, it will be a laboratory for studying traffic noise, small vibrations, passing conversations, hidden corners, the flows of humans and other animals. Listening to these sounds is our first step for developing new experiences and interventions in the local urban area.


Join us on the 20th January for a packed program with presentations and experimental results from the artists. There will be collective discussions about site-specific practice and unexpected musical experiences (free entry, suitable for all ages).

You can also visit the exhibition between 21th-22nd and 26th-29th January. This is an opportunity to try out the listening exercises and musical instruments yourself (free entry and warm drinks, suitable for all ages).

Participating artists

Sam Baraitser Smith is a London-based graphic designer and artist, designing publications, graphic identities, websites and installations. His practice explores improvisation, toolkits and how sound and visuals can inform one another. Current projects include working as lead designer on Acoustic Commons, a 3 year project for Creative Europe; a book in collaboration with the South London Gallery; a publication on Ecological Radio.

Marta Beauchamp: by focussing on the translation of neuroscience topics into visual and auditory experiences, Marta Beauchamp shapes an interface through which to materially encounter this process. She is interested in the difference between understanding based on keeping-in-mind and understanding through experiencing. Sound and objects allow her to inflate dense scientific topics to room-scale installations which offer more space and dimensions for comprehension.

Mort Drew is an ecological sound artist and creative
technician. Their work explores; grief, displacement, and connections to
site through live broadcast, text, and photography. Though their work
and research sits primarily within ecological frameworks, it is informed
by their experiences of being queer, being trans, and living with
complex PTSD. Mort is a member of the arts cooperative Soundcamp, and predominantly
works in collaborative modes.

Jakob Köchert works as a spatial designer, sonic practitioner and educator. In his transdisciplinary practice, he seeks to conceive and enable pedagogical and transformative spaces, practices, and potentials through artistic interventions. The spatial, collective practice, listening, and questioning one’s own perception play a central role in this process.

Liza Kuzyakova is a composer, performer, and an active member of the local experimental music scene in The Hague. Basing her practise in beetween multicnhannel composittion and live performance, her work relates to the areas of sonar decomposition, physicality of sound and of instrumental space, and disruption of the existing sonic order.
Her solo project Sáof evolves around noise/ drone/ power electronics.

Armand Lesecq is an interdisciplinary artist & sound designer currently based in Paris and The Hague (NL).
Armand’s work is focused on the relation between perception, awareness and imagination. Through sound and/or visual compositions, he guides the audience into reflective and introspective inner meanders.

Robbi Meertens is soundartist, musician and sound-designer. With simplistic means he creates instruments, installations, soundwalks and performances in which he tries to find mesmerizing soundscapes. His work often balances on the borders of composition/improvisation, order/disorder and control/chance. Currently Robbi focuses on researching different modes of listening and sounding by doing specific performative exercises and experiments.

Hilde Wollenstein is a sound artist and musician based in Berlin. Her work is rooted in researching reciprocal flows between sound, music and culture which she manifests through acousmatic composition (music for speakers) and writing. Her pieces are driven by direct intent and narrative, created out of field recordings and digital sampling techniques, challenging notions of authorship and self expression, representation and the document.

Curation+production: Max Baraitser Smith


20. – 29.01.2023


CLB Berlin
Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz
10969 Deutschland


CLB Sound Lab