10. – 12.05.2019

Threads of yesterday. Photography

Opening: 10.05.19, 19.00 Uhr
Opening hours: tbd

Photo exhibition of The Untitled Project.

Participating artists:
Abi Shehu
Charmaine de Heij
Dominique Bulthuis
Kantatach Kijtikhun
Lada Suomenrinne
Lærke Lauesen
Lucrezia Rossi
Mike Ioannidis
Natascha Christina Petersen

We weave our future out of the threads that we have from the past. Each string is woven into
the fabric of the now, and each new strand we find creates the future. In the space of the
past we try to collect memories, to hold them close and to hold them true in our present, but
some gets lost. Empty spaces and gaps that we try to fill, to patch together. We remember
what we believe has happened and we remember what could have been. Our past is blurry
and yet we hold on to fractions that seem to be true.
We invite you to take a look back into the long forgotten and the never leaving traces of our
yesterday. We invite you to relate and to observe with us. Walk with us through our entwined
memories to the spaces of yesterday…


10. – 12.05.2019


CLB Berlin
Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz
10969 Deutschland