In our LABs, actors and networks from different fields come together to work on common issues. In this sense, the LABs form programmatic nodes in which individual activities are condensed. The work in the Labs is understood to be value-based, socially committed and future-oriented.

Born out of the desire for more transdisciplinary cooperation, the “Arts, Science & Culture Lab” has been at the heart of the CLB from the very beginning.

The examination of the auditory dimension of our environment has already been articulated in a series of projects such as the sound installation “A100 – The Sound of Berlin’s Urban Motorway” in 2018, the international conference “City Sounds, City Atmospheres” in cooperation with the DAAD in 2019, the sound walks as part of “berlin lokal zeit” in 2020 or the performative sound installation “sounding berlin” with radio aporee in 2021. Accordingly, the CLB Sound Lab continues this work in a concentrated manner.

The design of our cities in the sense of sustainable, ecological, innovative, socially just and, last but not least, aesthetic practice has also been a matter close to our hearts for many years, so that we will continue to devote ourselves to it in our Urban Design Lab, alongside exhibitions with architects such as Stefano Boeri (Urban Forestry) or Eike Roswag-Klinge (Climate Adaptive Architecture).

Not least because of Corona, we have specifically expanded our competences in digitalisation, digital transformation and data-based urban development in the last two years. In order to bundle our numerous activities in these fields in the future and make them visible to the public, we are establishing a new centre of excellence from 2022: the CLB Data Lab. An important reference project is the new “Forum for Data-Based Urban Development” under the umbrella of “Germany – Land of Ideas”.

Whether a large house or an independent initiative – art and culture always have an entrepreneurial, strategic and structural dimension, which not only shape the daily work of those involved, but also have an influence on the results of artistic production. In our “Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Lab” we reflect on innovative organisational forms in the cultural and creative sector and exchange tools and methods from agile organisational development, innovation management, design thinking, and much more.