Biomimicry & Microscopes. From Biology to Design.

Biomimicry Inspiraton Lab organized by the german section of the Biomimicry Institute, US.

Input by Maria Jose Leaño, Textile Designer from los Andes University in Bogotá and Master of Science in Textile Print Design from the Philadelphia University.

„For the Biomimicry Inspiraton Lab I will show the first stages of a new project I’m working on, about Microscopy and Biomimicry, using pollen grains as inspiration. After observing pollen grains under different types of microscopes, and investigating their structures and strategies, I observed that it was possible to develop innovative materials, for both textiles and packaging, by emulating them, at all levels, from form to process, to system. This is a work in progress, that needs further research and development. The idea is to create a multidisciplinary platform open to all interested in participating.

The presentation: As an introduction, I will present some examples of Biomimicry and Microscopy, to continue with a series of images of pollen grains that show the different microscopes being used. The purpose is to illustrate various strategies that pollen grains use, to survive the difficult trip from stamen to stigma, together with some ideas inspired by them, which came to my mind, to finally lead to the open discussion.“

Contact and registration: Paul Hoffmann, Email: paul.hoffmann@studium.fernuni-hagen.de

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